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Who knew, a single statement “Can machines think?” would change the entire computer science branch? Alan Turing, a computer scientist, mathematician, logician, philosopher, cryptanalyst, and theoretical biologist proposed a variation on a parlor game, “can machines think” in 1950 leaving the world in question. Later, which opened the gates for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology while re-shaping the entire computer science branch.

Speaking of recent advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and sensors now enable machines to automate business activities as well. Activities that once seemed on the high risk of disruption now can be easily executed by relying on tacit judgment, higher-level thinking, and emotion sensing. Moving towards the artificial intelligence technology paradigm AI can be further addressed as Narrow Artificial Intelligence and General Artificial Intelligence.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (ANI) is an explicit type of artificial intelligence under which technology is driven by human intelligence in some narrowly distinct task. Unlike general artificial intelligence (GAI), narrow artificial intelligence emphasise on a single division of cognitive ability and advances. However, general artificial intelligence permits the machine to utilize knowledge and skills subset in variation.

Rise Tide Of Artificial Intelligence In New Age Businesses

Despite of such advancements in artificial intelligence technology, its advantages for business automation is still less understood. Here’s what, we, at Seed Digitas aim to offer to our clients via AI.

Deep Business Insight



Any data is no less then invaluable oil for businesses! However, even the full-fledged data can be proven useless if it cannot make sense for your business. Speaking of artificial intelligence, it can help businesses mine appropriate data while processing billions of prompt data. Hence, AI can help you answer right answers and it only keeps getting better at answering. For say, “Will customer X make a purchase? What song Austin will like? Or Will this product sell out?”, AI technology can help you provide accurate predictions solely grounded on “historical data”. It isn’t the fortune telling technology, AI simply converts information into shear knowledge giving your business the predictive analytics- a form of analysis achieved with the use of artificial intelligence machine learning which means an algorithm analyze of historical and current data in order to forecast future outcomes.


Reduced Error


Results driven via Artificial intelligence technology aren’t error-free. Typically speaking, even AI can make errors but the results are much more likely to be accurate than humans. In majority of cases, result accuracy in AI is ninety nine per cent. However, not be missed out, AI isn’t as prone to make errors as humans are – it definitely has great advantage which is, making accurate decisions and predictions based on the available data. AI doesn’t have emotions or options but can clearly reflect the beliefs of humans completely depending on the kind of data the system was fed with.



Limitless AI Advantages

Artificial intelligence technology can advance customer servicing with the practice of chatbots & recommendation systems, predict accurate product demand by customers, increase revenue by recognizing and maximizing sales prospects, classify customers, detect fraudulent card transactions, predict customer’s behavior, review documents, and do the research. Well the list of limitless AI advantages could go on. However, the key here is to realize how much value AI technology practise can bring to your business. And that’s what Seed Digitas aim to do!

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