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The power customers wield has always been higher than anything in customer and retailer relation.And shying away from challenges will never work to build your customer base and retain their loyalty towards your business. Instead, practicing certain methodologies can potentiallygenerate new ground breaking opportunities to build a loyal customer base. All you require is the right “know-how” and retailing solutions, to keep shoppers coming back to you. But are youbacked up with the solutions to the challenges you are likely to face?

Addressing Retail Industry Challenges 


Customer behavior changes rapidly, and this changing behavior is largely due to an immersive growth in E-Commerce industry. Uncertainty of failing to keep up with the changing behavior, need and expectations of customers also come along with it.When your customers have evolving product need and your product unfortunately fails to meet their expectations, chances of hitting hard by inevitable force of digital disruption increases. And this allows your competitors to swoop in and take over your market place along while hindering your customer base.


Retailers do have infinite options to streamline their products online and scale their respective business. No doubt retailers may look for updated software however they often opt for wrong choices that later happens to a pitfall for business owners hampering their business model. Such complex online shopping software leads to increased maintenance cost while obstructing your customer’s experience. 


Undeniably, customer loyalty has now become the most prevalent aspect of retail market since customers have so much and more potential to keep you on top in the prevailing market. Hence, you are required to take care of your biggest asset i.e., customers base. Now that, retaining customers is the real fight in the ocean of growing competitive market, traditional customer loyalty programs may fail to even retain existing customers. So, are you backed up to the solution when the fight is real to retain your customer base and 68 per cent of sales is generated from existing customers?


As the retail market expands and becomes complex by the time, retailers too tend to opt for diversified structure which is more sophisticated to keep up with internal communication. Needless to say, online business process can get relentlessly compromised due to inefficient internal communications.This might be challenging, for several company departments in.And this gets worst when retailers rely on out dated and unconventional communication methods. So, what could be the appropriate solution to it?

 The Successful Execution To The Addressed Challenges


Businesses running in digital world are defined by its technological capabilities. Whether you need to introduce new technology or overcome the digital disruption faced by your company, our highly experienced tech team gives the much needed support to your business. Here are some key benefits of which you can take advantage: Reduced cost IT assistance, Updating tech equipment with latest technology, Round the clock technical support, Improved Communication with clients, Supporting with industry compliance problems, Fixing, and enhancing hardware




Working in an environment where company’s internal communication lacks can result in chaotic work flow. That’s where we come across to assist you in maintaining a clean and hassle-free work environment. We collect and organize actionable data for your company in assistance with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in order to enhance your internal circulation of organizational information and provide an integrated business processes. The platform we create help you generate and share work reports and task distribution amongst your company’s internal departments.




Before you step in to the process of setting up an online business and become a fully functional retailer, give a thought to opt for a secured payment gateway. We understand receiving payments from your online customers is a crucial aspect of online retailing and for that, opting for the right payment gateway makes the lives easier for business owner and customers.To assist you with integral payment gateway requirements, we offer you the most relevant payment gateway solution from our data-base. First thing first, we offer you a secured, easy and merchant friendly payment gateway options that also has multiple gadgets compatibility while allowing your customers shop and pay from various devices.



How virtual reality can be neglected when the digital industry is booming and virtual platform has become the most reliable source to keep a grip in market? Sure it is an ingenious utilization of sight and sound making virtual reality an immersive future trend.In respect to it, virtual showroom- a B2B solution for businessesthat allows their customers to surf immersive assortments by simplyswooping in a virtual showroom fromanywhere they are!

Now we also understand your dilemma of “how virtual showroom will be working for your brand?”Well, the virtual reality solution that we offer at Seed Digitas is a great tool allowing you to advance your brand on various segments. Here’s all you need to know!

  • We manage and work your virtual platform/app via admin panel
  • Strategically gather and analyze the relevant data
  • Design and useexclusive and customizable sales stands
  • Engross customers with an effectiveusageof mobile device
  • Create custom 3D environment (brand specifically)
  • Craft hot spots and do animation to interact with virtual visitors/customers
  • Plan and design the inside space of the showroom and customize as per your requirement


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