A Breakthrough Transformation


We enter when you are setting up your new venture and lost in the noise of start-up marketing strategies. You must understand that start-up marketing is a complete different set of marketing science wherein, you are required to choose the right combination of unbeatable strategy segment and marketing channels. Here’s what you need to understand is, being a new bee, old and traditional marketing strategies wouldn’t work to make a place in your respective market.

On the other hand, if you practice a constructive digital marketing, your chances to thrive your business increases while gaining your customer base and long-term market survival.Simply acquiring great team and funds may not be enough to cultivate the desired results from your start-up. In fact, many heavily-funded start-ups fail due to the absence of creativity, innovation ideas and expertise.Therefore, all you need to build a loyal customer base,generate sales, and profits that grows by the time requires strategically planned start-up marketing! Here’s how Seed Digitas assist you in achieving all of it.


Be efficient from the start by identifying your goals and building strategies that support your goal. Your business set-up strategy is the foundation to your business. If planned properly then it can be the roadmap defining the business structure, how to run it, and grow that assist you in taking the right steps as per the business need. We at Seed Digitas help you in formulating a set-up strategy while assuring a smooth business flow.


A vivid business strategy, blockbuster product & advanced technology can put you on the top market chart however, a solid implementation is required to keep you there.Via channel strategy, we aim to deliver an ideal strategy to picture your company’s product(s)/ service(s) to your potential customers. We compose a channel strategy to land your product in market as per your product’s value. And to make it happen, we approach an ideal technique to make your customers aware of your product’s substantiality.


Your company’s marketing strategy directly affects how you run the entire business. Therefore, the marketing strategy has to be planned and executed in a way that works affirmatively for your business growth. We plan a marketing strategy as per your business goals and industry type that assist you in increasing your product and services awareness, reaching new buyers segment and selling maximum products. Moreover, in order to define your marketing strategy, we primarily define your product strategy that well fits in the marketplace while flourishing your start up.


Somewhere we all claim that we persist customer driven strategies. However, the term “Customer” is the most elastic term. Technically speaking, customers are the entities who buy your product (s) / service (s) that in turn generates revenue for your company. By not classifying your primary customer base, you might not be the “customer focused” company and may disappear from the market soon. That’s where we enter to guide you through the right way and target the right customer base. Our product experts critically evaluate your product and service type in order to define your Primary Customer Base and target accordingly to fetch the maximum profitable results in long run. 

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