Get, Set & Grow


Ultimate objective of any business across worldwide industries is to make the most of their business and generate maximized sales and returns on investment (ROI). While each business type require diverse and different digital marketing strategies that assist them in achieving their goals, there a common myth prevailingthat the Micro Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) can’t benefit from of such strategies. However, the truth is, business of any scale –micro, small or big, can avail the benefits fromthe followed strategies to grow and step the success ladder.

Small scale industries trying to benefit from online marketing solutions like blogging, emailing, and building the social media presence may lack in accomplishing the exact goals. Practicing digital marketing requires working on the combination of dancing feet ofconsistency and innovation that gauntness you the click. As the matter of fact, small scale industriesneed a continuous different approaches and that’s where Seeds Digitas can assist you with!


Indeed, practicing SEO Digital Marketing widens your chances to rank and compete with your superior industry peers by making your business visible on various search engines. People looking forthe particular product/service that youare selling/rendering will be able to see you in their search results which is certainlysignificant for your business torank in prevailing. We strategically practice search engine marketing with our in-house professional team of digital marketing consultants ensuring your businessto gethigh customer base.


Video Marketing is considered as the marketing investment since video induces the customer base to spend approximately 88 per cent of time on your digital portal. As striking your videos marketing is, it helps your small scale business capture dominance in the digital world. Benefiting from the fact that, despite of more than half of consumer basewish to interact via video content, only one-third of small scale businesses invest in video marketing, we highly give importance to advertise your business creatively via video representation. 


Local search marketing is simply a location-based SEO digital marketing that includes website digital optimization making your business visible in search results local of maps. Google is the perfect example to this. Likewise, Google maps will show your business when searched in nearby listing suggesting the prospect about your business existing. At Seed Digitas, we work towards making your business locally available alongside making it enunciate internationally.


For small scale industries, having its own place in the respective market is indispensably significant to accomplish swift and consistent growth. We work on customer’s product market strategy where in we seek to entice greater attraction in the market your product already exists. This strategy of Seed Digitas Team typically focuses on seizing the larger segment of a market and customer base.

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